Assist Sports Reviews

"Great teaching tool and fun too! As a long time soccer family looking forward to gifting to the next generation of soccer players in our family!" 

- Brella5


"This ball has been a huge help for my daughter who has been playing soccer for a couple years now. It's taught her how to strike the ball when shooting vs. passing and challenges her to think about how her foot makes contact with the ball every time she plays. I would recommend this product to any parent that has a child interested in soccer!"

- Jeff L.


"Great gift -- my daughter loves it. Highly recommend for youth soccer players of any ability."

-David H.


"Every youth soccer player needs this ball. Learning soccer can be made simple with this ball. I have been coaching soccer for 24 years and I’ve found this ball to be an amazing tool! Boys are so visual that the color coding of this ball makes them understand placement so much faster then a pain ball alone. This ball also simplifies coaching requests especially when using the see, show, do method."

- Stacie C.


"I see improvement on my daughter's skills with this ball."

- P.K.


"Perfect training ball!"

- Francis


"Fantastic product to teach young players to strike the ball with the proper technique. As a youth coach, I highly recommend it for players of all ages."

- Marino C.


"A must have product to teach and practice the most essentials of skills. Shooting and passing. Great and fun way to understand how hitting the ball is a lot more interesting than it seem."

- Javier N.


"What a fantastic product!!! My granddaughter loves her ball. It’s a fun, effective teaching tool! I will be buying more for birthday presents."

- Deb M.


"Thanks Assist Sports! I purchased this product as a training aid for my team and it is incredible to see the confidence my team has developed in their kicking & striking capabilities. I highly recommend all parents to purchase this ball. This it is a great tool for all ages and skill levels. 

From youth players struggling to kick the ball to advanced players improving their free kick technique this training aid is a most have."

- Michael M


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