The Assist Sports Story

Soccer. Made. Simple.

In between practices, games, classes, lectures, study halls, meetings, hosting recruits - all the things you do as a collegiate athlete - I also found the time to coach a youth soccer club in a beautiful nearby town in Connecticut.

Starting off my coaching career with a group of U10 girls, I realized early the importance of learning, implementing, and understanding the basic fundamentals of the game. 

Of these basic fundamentals - which include kicking, dribbling, passing and receiving, vision, and defending - I quickly realized that kicking was the one that most separated kids apart from one another at a very young age.

Furthermore, I also hosted countless private sessions with boys and girls from other teams and clubs aged 6-18. The biggest takeaway I had from these sessions was that there was one steady request from parents: “please work with my child to kick the ball farther, harder, and more accurately”. 

And so I did. But what I realized was that there’s no easy way of teaching this. And when I say easy, I’m referring to easily communicating how to kick a soccer ball to young soccer players within a given 60 minute private coaching session.

I knew there needed to be some tool. Some way. Another option. Something that could help myself, other coaches, and parents around the world help their young soccer players efficiently learn to kick and improve technique.

Then it happened. One day in my parents garage I came across an old Roger Clemens baseball. For those that don’t know it was a baseball that showed pitchers how to throw a two-seam, four-seam, curveball, or slider. This unique ball was color-coded with a built-in legend to help identify which fingers to use and where.

From that very moment - the idea for the Instructional Soccer Ball and Assist Sports was born.

That brings us to today with the Instructional Soccer Ball helping kids across the United States better learn to kick and improve technique.

I hope you find this Training Guide helpful, informative, and a great starting point for the endless possibilities while training with the Instructional Soccer Ball.

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JJ Comeau - Founder & CEO