How to Kick a Long Ball

More and more often we are being asked the following questions relating to soccer technique and kicking long balls:

How do I kick a long ball?

How do I get more under the ball?

Why does my kick always curve to one side?

I can get under it, but how do I add power and kick further?

Well, look no further as we will break it down here. 

Step 1

Visualize what part of the ball you want to make contact with and how you want the ball to travel off your foot. You will be aiming to get underneath the ball with your laces and watch it travel downfield with a slow backspin.

Step 2

Position yourself a few paces behind the ball and a step or two at either side. Try not to have your approach too far to one side as this will increase your chances of the ball curving on you.

Step 3

As you approach the ball make sure your plant foot is about shoulder width from the ball. Again if your plant foot is too close this may cause the ball to curve on you.

Step 4

Now that you have approached the ball and your plant foot is on the ground, focus on the motion of swinging your hips around. As you swing your hips your kicking leg will come around and power will be driven from this fluid motion. Make contact underneath the ball with your laces.

Some additional tips:

Follow through for ultimate distance.

Shorten your follow through for launching a shorter distance (pinging it across the field).

Lean back for more height on the ball.

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