Assist Sports Launches, Instructional Soccer Ball Sells in Over 20 States

Boston, MA -- New company releases its innovative soccer ball designed to help soccer players both learn to kick and improve their technique.

Assist Sports has created the first of its kind - an instructional soccer ball that helps young soccer players quickly learn to kick the ball and improve their technique. The Instructional Soccer Ball currently has patent-pending status and is available for sale online.

Through a series of videos on social media and the company’s website, Assist Sports says the ball helps athletes learn and improve in 5 different areas: striking, curving, passing, chipping, and kicking a long ball. The eye-catching ball is color-coded and includes a built in legend/key that shows which part of the foot to use on each color. For example: to strike the ball, a player should kick with their laces on the green line.

To date, the ball is being sold on Amazon and directly through their website, Sales took off during the holidays and carried well into the new year having sold in over 20 states.

Assist Sports is currently working on a wholesale platform to sell directly to clubs, coaches, schools, and individuals. The company believes the ball will help accelerate the learning process for younger athletes just getting involved in soccer, regardless of their age.

Founder J.J. Comeau -- a Wallingford, CT native now living in Boston -- received his MBA from the University of New Haven where he was also a 3-year captain of the men's soccer team. Having coached all ages from youth clubs to the collegiate level, Comeau says the importance of properly kicking the ball can really impact a player’s drive to continue with the sport.

"At a young age, say 5-15, many kids end up dropping out of the beautiful sport because they fall behind early. Watching their teammates close to them pinging the ball around the field, making crisp passes, and scoring more goals can be discouraging, especially if the young player is not confident kicking a soccer ball themselves. That's where the Instructional Soccer Ball comes in and our mission is to get it at the feet of every young soccer player."

Assist Sports is an assistive sports product company that creates products to help athletes achieve their full potential. Our flagship product, the Instructional Soccer Ball, has taken over the youth soccer market as the go-to ball for learning how to kick and improving technique. Visit to learn more.

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